From,                                                                                                     12th June 2008
Smt. R. Krishnaveni,
W/o 276690 Late Ex-Sgt R Radhakrishnan MTD
LIC-102, RS Naidu Nagar,
Post- NR Mohalla,
Mysore – 570007.

Air Force Record Office                              PCDA (Pension)                  Canara Bank
Subroto Park,                                             Draupadi Ghat,                   Main Branch,
New Delhi – 10                                          Allahabad, UP.                    Shivarampet,



1. This has reference to the letter originated by Warrant Officer Talat Shahedi,  WO IC P & W Wg (FP) from the office of Air Force Record Office, Subroto Park, New Delhi bearing No. RO/2853/276690/15126HD/P&WW(FP) dated 12 May 08 on the above subject.

2. It is hereby submitted that, my Family Pension was sanctioned subsequent to the demise of my husband 276690 Sgt R. Radhakrishnan MTD after a great difficulty. Besides following the due procedures of filling up the required forms and formats for claiming family pension I was also subjected to police verification at my residence. My pension was disbursed through Canara Bank, Mian Branch, Shivarampet, Mysore till 31st March 2008.

3. As my late husband had lost the Air Force discharge book, Ex-Servicemen Identity Card and other related Ex-Serviceman documents issued by the Air Force and Department of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement in Karnataka prior to his demise, I did approach Department of Sainik welfare & Resettlement, Mysore with a request to obtain the duplicate copy of Air Force Discharge book from AFRO and also to issue me Ex-Servicemen’s Widow’s Identity Card to enable me to avail Canteen facilities and to become ECHS member at Mysore. However, all efforts are in vain till date.

4. To my dismay and disbelief, my family pension was stopped subsequent approaching the Dept. of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement, Mysore for reasons best known to AFRO, New Delhi. A lot of queries were raised by the Air Force Record Office besides a police verification during the past one and a half years. Ultimately, my pension payment was abruptly stopped as a great favour by AFRO and instruct the PDA (Canara Bank) to recover the entire family pension I received with a direction to prefer the family pension claim afresh.

5. I am a hapless widow with no one to support me, either financially or morally. I do not have any resources, either to repay the family pension I have received thus far or the required amount to run around from pillar to post or to engage an advocate. Having tired seeking the assistance of Department of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement for the past one and a half years with no tangible results except for the stoppage of my Family Pension due to red-tapism, I am originating this authorization letter.

6. I have come to know through print media, electronic media and through a lot of Ex-Defence personnel with regard to the good deeds done by VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore by taking up the causes of Ex-Servicemen and widows of Ex-Servicemen and helping the Ex-Servicemen / widows of Ex-Servicemen in getting their defence pension and other entitlements and benefits in a quickest possible time. Hence, I have requested the President of the Charitable Trust to intervene and help me out with his advise and administrative support to get my pension sanctioned and also help me in getting my CSD facilities and to become ECHS member to which the President of the Charitable Trust VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) acceded on humanitarian ground.

7. With a view to get my Defence Family Pension and all the other benefits & facilities which goes with it sanctioned at a quickest possible time with greater efficiency and professionalism, I hereby authorize Shri M.N. Subramani, President, VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore to represent my case with all the concerned authorities such as AFRO, New Delhi, CDA (P), Allahabad and the PDA i.e. Canara Bank, Main Branch under his Trust Name & Seal. The specimen Signature of M.N. Subramani, the address and official seal of the Trust is appended below:
1.-sd     2.-sd     3.-sd
Ex-Sgt M.N. Subramani M.Com., LLB.,
VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET)
‘SAMPADA’, # 124, 19th Cross,
25th Main, ‘C’ Block, 3rd Stage,
Vijayanagar, MYSORE.
Fax No. 0821-2459555

8. You are kindly requested to register / document this authorization letter of mine in all your official records and the queries raised by the above said Charitable Trust and the replies given by the trust to your queries be treated as if, it is written and originated by me personally to protect my interest.

9. You are also requested to forward all your letters on the subject of my family pension to the above said Trust address in order to increase the efficiency in possessing my family pension case to which I shall be ever grateful to Air Force authorities.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



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