From,                                                                                           11th June 2008
Mrs. Nagarathnamma,
W/o Late Major N.T. Konerigowda (World War-II Veteran),
# 84/6, 2nd Main Road,
Yadavagiri, Mysore – 570 020

Deputy General Manager,                                             PCDA (Pension),
State Bank of Mysore,                                                   Draupadi Ghat,
Zonal Office,                                                                Allahabad,
Kuvempunagar, Mysore.                                               UP.

Kind Attn:                                                                     Kind Attn:
Shri S. Jagadish                                                             Shri Sandeep Sarkar, IDAS



1. This has reference to State Bank of Mysore, Main Branch letter No. DP/PPOMYS/547-1/01 dated 23rd December 2006 and Office of PCDA (P) letter bearing No. G1/M/SF/Poe-64/NTK dated Nil/09/2007 with regard to payment / cancellation of Defence Family pension subsequent to the demise of my late husband Major N.T. Koneri Gowda who was a Second World War Veteran. While my husband was serving in Mysore State Force, he was sent fight in World War–II. After actively participating in the war and fighting the Japanese in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Mayanmar) and after the war he was released from Mysore Infantry Training Centre, Bangalore with retiring pension of Rs. 294.40 paise with effect from 01.01.1952 with PPO No. MYS/547/M dated 28th Feb 1952. Original pension papers are still held with State Bank of Mysore, Main Branch, Mysore as well as in the office of PCDA (P), Allahabad.

2. State Bank of Mysore as the Pension Disbursing authority and Office of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension), Allahabad has been displaying enough of inefficiency and cruelty by not viewing or reviewing my family pension case for the past 12 years. To my dismay and disbelief the ultimate nail was driven on the coffin by canceling my pension and withheld my huge arrears. Now, State bank of Mysore is playing a blame game and do not wish to own-up its inefficiency, callous attitude and cruelty that has been shown to me i.e. towards a widow of a II world war veteran (I am sure in due course the blame will be put on a lowly placed clerk in the office of PDA i.e. State Bank of Mysore or in the office of PCDA (P), Allahabad).

3. However, the almightily has blessed me with the courage to fight my case as my late husband Major Koneri Gowda has groomed his co-second World War Veteran’s (Late M.A. Nanaiah) son Ex-Sgt M.N. Subramani to take-up hapless widows’ case on humanitarian ground as a matter of principle.

4. In order to educate the PDA and the office of PCDA and to clarifying the doubts and to represent my case with PDA (State Bank of Mysore) & office of PCDA, I am authorizing my late husband’s ‘BOY’ Ex-Sgt M.N. Subramani M.Com. LLB, President, VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) to correspond on my behalf under his signature and represent my case either personally or through representations at Zonal office or Head office of State Bank of Mysore / Bangalore and with PCDA (P), Allahabad. All the representations originated by the Charitable Trust (NGO), VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) may please be viewed seriously and the replies may please be sent first through fax to No. 0821-2459555 and subsequently forward the hard copy through speed post addressed to:

Ex-Sgt M.N. Subramani M.Com., LLB.,
VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET)
‘SAMPADA’, # 124, 19th Cross,
25th Main, ‘C’ Block,3rd Stage,
Vijayanagar, MYSORE.

5. Specimen signature of M.N. Subramani, President of VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) is appended and authenticated by me.
1. – sd    2. -sd    3. -sd
6. I have also instructed the President of the Charitable Trust-VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) to address a press meet at Mysore & Bangalore, release press notes and give interviews to electronic media exposing the inefficiency and the harassment caused to me by unreasonably canceling my family pension and with holding my dues due to the inefficiency of the concerned authorities i.e. PDA-State Bank of Mysore and officer of PCDA, Allahabad.

7. My late husband fought World War-II and died unsung and unheard. Now I am fighting for my family pension with the help of one insignificant Ex-Sgt M.N. Subramani S/o of another World War-II Veteran 123635 of IEME Late L/NK M.A. Nanayya.

8. I also wish to reiterate that, I am taking up this case as a matter of principle and with utter disgust as younger generation these days working in banks are prone to create problems and harass the senior citizens rather than extending a helping hand.

9. You are also hereby notified that, if you do not take the required measures to get my pension sanctioned / released with in one month, I would be constrained to file a suit in the appropriate Court of Law and would claim not only the cumulative compound interest for the arrears of family pension but also claim substantial damages for the financial loss and mental agony caused to me due to the inefficiency of State Bank of Mysore, Main Branch for the mistake committed by the bank.

10. You are advised to accord top priority on my family pension case as am too old too ill and may not live for long.

I sincerely bless your bank as an elderly widow of a Second World War veteran.


Copy to:
1.  Chief of the Army Staff, Army Head Quarters, New Delhi.
– You are kindly requested to impress upon PCDA (P) to take appropriate measures to sanction / release my family pension at the earliest.

2. ADG (PS), Adjutant General’s Branch,
Sena Bhawan, ‘A’ Wing, New Delhi – 110 011.

-Kindly refer your office letter bearing No. B/41011/ Maj/AG/PS-5 dated 10 Jan 07 addressed to M.N. Subramani, President, VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore. As I do not possess the address of the record office in which my late husband’s service particulars are maintained, you are most humbly requested to advise President, VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore with regard to the service details of my late husband and the address of the Record Office to which VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust has to address the representations.

3. Director, Department of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement, Bangalore.

– for your information, please.

Mrs Nagarathnamma (85 year old) Wife of Late Maj NT Konerigoda (Widow of II world War Veteran signing the authorisation letter.

Mrs Nagarathnamma (85 year old) Wife of Late Maj NT Konerigoda (Widow of II world War Veteran signing the authorisation letter.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    My eyes filled with tears to see the photo of
    Smt.Nagarathnamma, w/O (Late) Maj.NT.Konerigoda

    Your efforts will definitely succeed. Proceed with
    courage and determination. Your is pen is definitely powerful.

    I am eagerly waiting for an early sanction of her

    May God bless her with good health.

    Yours sincerely,

    C.Muthukrishnan (Retd.Sgt)

  2. Dear sir,
    Bravo, I pray to god that you should always bless by almighty to continue with this yeoman work. I am eagerly waiting to watch that the war widow should get her pension as early as possible.

    May god give you power to fight.

    Yours sincirely,
    Ex Sgt TK Bhattacharyya

  3. dear MNS Mani i have no words to express my feelings and pains when i saw the photo of great AMMA sigining pappers.may god give her long and healthy life


  4. my father late janardhan kumar s/o of late vishva nath then resident of Sialkot district of undevided panjab india village chaprar served in army on Burma border in 2nd world warand returned back to Jammu and Kashmir state and after partition settled here . he expired in 1968 in a road accident.he had his army papers and also on that basis he volunteered to assist army to guide to Sialkot on suchgarh borderetc. my mother is still alive but never received any family pension and has no papers with her.we used to hear war stories and hard ships faced as well attitude of british towards indian soldiers i.e their superiority complex.but we as minors never felt to ask him about anything else .he had his guns, revolver benaculers his steel trunk and service uniform but mostly remained mumon front line matters. he was hard working ,successfully established business,dealt in farming and transport etc.we tried to locate his roots in then army offices naively but without success.on basis of name, parentage,address,etc.could we not trace his unit and service records from some designated record rooms /archives exclusively dealing with indian soldiers serving on Burma front?.he had suffered asplinter injury on right side of neck below ear and it was statedly quite painful .he used to have nightmeres wherein he used to talk and shout for brief spells,and used to have problem while eating as astream of water used to flow from his right temple and he had to keep towel at hand to wipe it was quite irritating for him.through sheer honest hardwork he was counted as one of successful businessman all due to his hard military training and his war memories,experiences in young stage of life.he was probably associated with motorised units of army driving tanks ,vehicles ,logistics on hilly difficult roads.he most probably returned back in his late twenties/early thirtees,helped settle uprooted father less family -widowed mother, jobless sblings himself jobless and aftermath of partition crisis .

  5. Sir,
    I am Unniraja from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Mrs Saleena M, W/o late Sigamany, Vadakkumkara Panayil Veedu, Thuruthiyamon, Pulimath P.O., Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-695612, India is my family friend.

    Mrs Saleena is the widow of Mr.Sigamony, S/o Levy, Vazhayil Muri, Nedumangad. He was a member of Indian Air Force, when it was an auxiliary of Royal Air Force during 1943 to 1946. He was enrolled in the service on 13-05-1943 and discharged on 28-11-1946 and is having I.No.25788. The service records of Mr.Sigamony show that he was a participant of world war-II and was honoured with 1939-1945 star, Burma Star and War medal.

    Though he was later inducted in to 34 Madras Regiment on 05-08-1948 he was discharged from service on 17-08-1950. Since he was having only two years service in independent India service he was not eligible to get pension from Indian Government.

    Out of extreme poverty the said Saleena and Sigamony brought up six children. But the situation worsened when Mr.Sigamony died on 21-02-1991. Mrs. Saleena is jobless, aged and is ailing from various oldage diseases and is having no house of her own. Now she is craving from pillar to post to have some means of livlihood for her existence with her spinster and paralysed daughter, Santhabai. No one is there to lend a helping hand.

    Now only Mrs. Saleena came to know about you and the journal. She is ready to send all the relevant documents for her claim as a widow of world war veteran. If you are kind enough to send the mailing address, the hard copy of all the documents will be served to you at the earliest.

    Therefore considering the pathetic situation of a world war -II veteran’s families pathetic situation, your good self may be kind enough to consider the service which Mr.Sigamony rendered during world war-II and thereby consider this mercy petition to have a sympathetic consideration for processing the same and issuing financial assistance, in the interest of justice.

    Thanking you.

    Unniraja T.I.
    For Mrs. Saleena

  6. Respected Sir,

    I am Amit Negi, have worked in Indian ay for 8 years , what are the benefits that i can get , i have taken premature discharge at my own request on 30 May 2007.

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