Woes’ of  (Re)tired Major GR Nagabhushan who is being denied of his ‘RETIRING PENSION’ for over 14 long years due to callous attitude of CDA (P), Allahabad, CDA (O), Pune and CDA (AF), New Delhi.


Now, Major Nagabhushan authorizes MN Subramani, President, VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore to intervene and to help the Major to get his retiring pension by educating office of PCDA (P), Allahabad.



Major Nagabhushan

From                                                                                                             15 Nov 2005
SS – 34368 P, A/Maj. G.R. Nagabhushana (Retd.)  
C/o. Revathi Techno Crafts,
# 645, 1st Floor, Narayana Shastri Road,
K.R.Mohalla, Mysore – 570 024

The President,
VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET)
No. 3 (KHB) “Cauvery Nilaya’,
Udayagiri 2nd Stage,
Mysore – 570 019


Dear Sir,


1. I am pleased to inform you that, I have been reading a lot about your charitable trust’s service for the uplift of Ex-Servicemen fraternity through leading local and national dailies.  Subsequent, to the news that appeared in website www.starofmysore.com dated 30th November 2005 and the news in ‘The Hindu’ and ‘The New Indian Express’ edition dated 1st December 2005, I decided to approach your charitable trust with a request to take up my pension case, on my behalf, on the above subject with the appropriate authorities.

2. Case History:

I was enrolled in the Indian Air Force as an airmen with Service No. 673777 ‘F’ on 04th November 1981.  I was released from the Indian Air Force on 8th March 1990 subsequent to grant of Short Service Commission on 9th March 1990 in the Indian Army. I was released from the Indian Army as an Acting Major on 6th April 1995, on fulfilling the terms of engagement as a SSC Officer.  My total reckonable service in the Armed Forces for the purpose of claiming pension from defence estimates is 13 years 146 days.

3. I had forwarded a lot of representation to every conceivable authority immediately after my release from the Indian Army for sanctioning of eligible Gratuity and Retiring Pension as per the policy in vogue. However, the authorities at CDA (Pension) Allahabad kept hedgehopping over the subject and they are yet to sanction my pension even after a lapse of well over 10 years.  

4. I have all the reason to believe that, the inordinate delay in sanctioning my bonafide gratuity and pension is either due to pension sanctioning authorities redtapisum or due to CCDA’s ignorance / inefficiency. Repeated representations and remainders from my end yielded no result. Clarification address to CCDA Pension by Army and Air Force authorities on the subject were brushed aside with no respect what so ever. I have all the grounds to conclude that, the pension sanctioning authorities has displayed their negligence and callous attitude in handling my claim.

5. When I approached a few retired Air Marshals and Army Generals, I was also advised me to approach your trust as you have a panel of advocates who are taking the cause of hapless Ex-Servicemen and widows of Ex-Servicemen.

6. In view of the above and as per the advise of a few retired senior Armed Forces Officers I am enclosing copies of the official communication, I have received from Air Force Record Office, Army authorities and CDA Pension.  I am also enclosing a copy of the judgment pronounced by the High Court of Kerala at Erankulam (OP No. 15186 of 1994 – G) in a similar case pertaining to Ex-Capt. C.V.Muralidharan.

7. I shall be grateful to you Sir, if you could kindly take-up my case with appropriate authorities to get my pension sanctioned along with compound interest for the entire arrears and compensation for the mental agony I suffered for well over 10 years due to the callous attitude of Pension sanctioning authorities i.e. CCDA (P) Allahabad.

8. I am sure sir, your trust would certainly educate the concerned authorities, specifically at the principal / chief controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) in order to get my pension sanctioned at the earliest with compound interest @ 12% per annum.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

A / Major G.R. Nagabhushana (Retd)


From:                                                                                     16th January 2009
Ex-SS – 34368 P, A/Maj G.R. Nagabhushana  
(Ex-673777-F Corporal of IAF) 
C/o Shri M.N. Subramani, M.Com, LLB.,
VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VEKT)
# 645, 1st Floor, Narayana Shastri Road,
K.R.Mohalla, Mysore – 570 024

Chief of the Army Staff,      Chief of the Air Staff,    PR.CDA (Pension),
Sena Bhavan,                              Vayu Bhavan,                       Draupati Ghat,
New Delhi                                   New Delhi                           Allahabad



1. It is submitted that, I was enrolled in the Indian Air Force as an Airman on 04th November 1981 with Service No. 673777-F. Subsequently, I was commissioned in the Indian Army (SS-34368-P) on 9th March 1990. On completion of my term of engagement as short service commissioned officer, I was released from the Army w.e.f. 06th April 1995. My total reckonable service for claiming military pension is 13 years 146 days.

2. Immediately, on my release from the Army, I had forwarded my application for sanctioning of Retiring Pension as I have completed the required length of total service.  Despite Air Force & Army authorities clarifying every doubt of PCDA (Pension), the pension sanctioning authority is yet to understand my case for granting me the retiring pension even after lapse of well over 13 years ago.

3. Having found problems in corresponding and convincing the office of PCDA (P), I have decided to approach VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) to take up my case with appropriate authorities on my behalf as I have come to know through the National daily ‘THE HINDU’ & from Defence Officer brethrens that, Mr. Subramani, President of VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust had solved the eleven year old family pension case very recently pertaining to Mrs. MN Nagarathnamma, 87 years old, widow of Late Major NT Koneri Gowda, a Second World War veteran retired during 1951 and expired on 14.09.1997 with the help of Army authorities.

4. In view of the confidence, I have in the efficiency of VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) a Charitable NGO, I hereby authorize Shri M.N. Subramani, M.Com, LLB,  President of VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore functioning from the above said address to originate representations to concerned authorities, clarify the doubts of PCDA (Pension), Allahabad, Air Force authorities, Army authorities and all other authorities concerned with regard to sanctioning of my Retiring Pension.

5. I also authorize Mr. M.N. Subramani, President, VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) to suo-motto raise queries, reply official letters received from Office of PCDA (P), Army & Air Force authorities, claim interest on Arrears of retiring Pension, compensation for causing mental agony due to delay in sanctioning of retiring Pension despite a lapse of well over 13 years for no fault of mine. I shall abide to all the official communication originated by M.N. Subramani, President of the Trust, as if, it has been done by me in my interest.

6. The specimen signature of Mr. M.N. Subramani, President of VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET) is appended below.

a) Sd/-                                     b) Sd/-                             c) Sd/-

7. You are kindly requested to record this authorization at your end and all future communications pertaining to my retiring Pension may please be forwarded to the above address only.

8. Kindly acknowledge.

Thanking you, 

Yours faithfully,

A/Major G.R. Nagabhushana

Copy to:
1.Air Officer Commanding,
Air Force Record Office,
Subroto Park, New Delhi.

2.Commanding Officer,
7 MAHAR, C/o 56 APO.
3.CDA (AF),
West Block-VI,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 66.

4.Command Accounts Officer,
Central Air Command,
Bomroli, Allahabad.








President, VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore

with Major Nagabhushan (Retd) at VKET’s Office



Click below for the replies recieved from air force record office dated 27th jan 2009 and Army Adjuctant Generals Branch letter dated 3rd February, 2009.

Replies from Air Force Record Office and  AG’s Office



  1. Dear sir,

    I am greatful for the managers of the site for publishing my pension issue,the case has been well presented.

    Thanks a lot.

    Major GR Nagabhushan

  2. My dear,
    You are doing a good job.
    1. please let me know entitlement of basic pension w.e.f. 01 Jan 2006 for pre 2006 pensioners of the rank of Lt. Nol and calculations as to how, did it.
    2. Please let me know the revised basic pension of re-employed officer after 6th CPC, whose last pay drawn was 17100/- in the pay scale of 14300-18300and retired after rendering 10.5 years of service, along with details of calculations.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am extremely happy to see your website with the photograph of Major(Retd.)Nagabhushan., and your efforts to get his pension from the Babus CDA(P).

    I appreciate your efforts. May God bless you and
    your team with good health and wealth to continue
    this service to our veterans.

    Please visit my Blog: indianexserviceman.blogspot.com and offer your
    valuable comments and guidance in the matter.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,

    C.Muthukrishnan (Retd.Sgt)

    Also visit: Reportmysignal.blogspot.com

  4. Dear Major Nagabhushan , the Ghundi is at the time of retirement did you opt for Pension or Gratuity ?, the rules in Vogue is you may draw the pension of the last PBOR held before grant of SSC with counting of your SSC service or Gratuity of the SSC rank. However if you have not opted for gratuity or you were not given the option you may fight for you will get Rs.3500/-m, that is minimum pension as per 6th CPC.

    Major PP Singh 32087 A

  5. Sir i retired on 30-11-1987 as corporal of first group Rdo/Fit after completion of 15 year, 10 months and 25 days of service .My service no. is 604582T, CHAUHAN SURESHKUMAR TRIBHOVANDAS. Sir, i want to know is that what suppose to be my basic pension. I will remain thankful to you for ever.

  6. Dear Maj Nagbhushan I tend to agree with MAJ PP SINGH,SS officers have different terms of engangement.Pension is sanctioned on completion of minmum 20 years service for officers.Regards Daljeet

  7. Respected Sir,
    I Service No. 729960-H Ex-Sgt Somnath Biswas Eng Fit enrolled in Indian Air Force on 03 Aug 1989 and retired from service on 31 Aug 2009 from 08 Sqn C/O 15 Wing Air Force. I submitted my pension papers to AFRO in Nov 2008. Till date I didn’t get any pension and the reason for delay. whenever I tried to contact AFRO pension cell they are telling that wait for another 15 days.sometimes they are not attending the phone also. 05 months how I am pulling my family that only God knows. Sir please look after that matter and tell me where to approach.
    I will be very thankful to you if you solve my problem

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully
    Somnath Biswas
    (tel: 9475936290/9804231614)

  8. Sir,
    I am very much delighted to see the website which enlighting the issues of Ex-servicemen.After leaving the uniform it is very much difficult to keep in touch with the changement/development of the Armed Forces.So your site somehow extending help us to minimise our problems.
    Sir, there is a long pending issue of “one rank one Pension”. I want to know whether it is implemented or yet to be implemented or it has no base? At the same time I want to know ,if it is under consideration then how the calculation of “one Rank one pension” will be made.
    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    Sub Swaraj Nath Sarkar
    (Tel No: 9903691128)

  9. Dear Sir,

    May I know the tele no of Maj Nagabhusana and Mr Subramani please. I am senior Maj Naga and facing same problem.

    A Eswara Reddy

  10. Hi Sir,

    I would like to know about the rules relating to pensionary benefits to those existing pensioners acquiring foreign citizenship. Your advice would be highly appreciated as I can take a proper decision based on it, thanks in advance,

  11. I am in the process of building a website to co-ordinate all associations that represents the EX-SERVICEMEN. As all of us know that UNITY IS STRENGTH, we should not be in different associations, which weakens our strength.

    As many associations are formed long back and has established their identity, we should keep all association’s identity intact and still our unity should give us strength.

    All ex-servicemen associations reading this may send a mail to me (sethuramks@gmail.com) so that I can give you all a FREE WEBSITE. All associations who wishes to get the FREE WEBSITE should send their details of their associations (aim, moto, rules and regulations, details of the governing body) and members details in an MS Excel format to my address.

    All associations can separately access to their website and their members can login seperately, even when they are a member of the http://www.ex-servicemenonline.com

    All ex-servicemen can join this including the paramilitary forces. Serving personnel who are planning to come out of service can search for an association near to their place and join directly to that.

    Hope to see you all soon

    Ex-sgt Sethuram
    service period 1977 to 1992

  12. Sir,
    With due respect I would like to submit that I am an exserviceman from army. This is regarding the medical scheme viz ECHS which as I understand and experienced the expensive one for an exserviceman. As man presently in service with the govt are getting Rs 300/- pm as medical allowance as routine. whereas the exserviceman who have opted for ECHS are not getting the medical allowance thus this is premium of Rs 3600/- pa for an exserviceman. Moreover as I reside in the state of Gujarat where the majority of exserviceman are residing in the scattered area and the expenditure in transportation does not permit for an exserviceman for availing medical facility in the majority of cases. Usually a family of exserviceman spending average of Rs 400/- for getting local treatment of minor diseases. The ECHS clinics are only two in the entire state and in most of the cases an exserviceman has to undertake 100 to 200 kms of journey for any treatment. Moreover there are strict clarical formalities in the cases of reference to panel hospitals. Really the system is as at present USELESS and EXPENSIVE for exserviceman.

    With regards,

  13. sir,i am exservicemen from indian navy.my suggestion is that for all pension holders pension
    details should be shown on internet.like in service password should be allotted to every pesioners so that all pension holder can see there
    pension detils on internet. thanks

  14. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the details.I’m Spoy.Nanda Kumar, 26 years of old working in the Rajabhavan, New Delhi.
    I have finished 9years of Service, I would like to the benefits if I quit before 15years & after completion of 15 years.
    I having Family Problems, so decided to quit & affraid of Jobless contradiction.

    Please guide me on this aspect.
    Reach me @9560229188

    Spy.Nanada Kumar

  15. Kind attention; Regards to all those Ex personals those whom all are known to me .I am Ex-710133F JWO Thomas Varghese Med-Asst.DOD:29Feb2009.Presently placed at my Native Place ,Bhilai Nagar ( Chhattisgarh State ).

  16. Sir,

    I am ex Sgt TV Rao 683821R Radar/Fit, served IAF for 20yrs and took discharge on 30/06/2003. Now I am going to join SBH as a clerk in a couple of weeks. Kindly advise me how to produce a revised last pay drawn certificate for the fitment of pay. I have LPC for the amount of Rs 11,347/- which is neutralized at par with the new appointees. I have written a letter to AFCAO for the issue of Fresh Last Pay Certificate considering fitment table 112 and also under OM/3/19/2009-Estt(PayII) GOI dated 5th Apr 2010 in para 3 (V). But so far I have not received any letter from AFCAO. Kindly help me in this regard.
    TV Rao


  18. sir, i am an ex servicemen(Ex SGT) from Indian Air Force. First of all, i appreciate your efforts. I wish you and your team with good health and wealth to continue this service to our veterans.
    I seek some information from you. I have served in IAF as an airman from 20-12-1994 to 19-11-2008, i.e. 13 years & 11 months. i have seeked volunteer discharge from Indian Air Force on selection of Development Officer in LIC of INDIA.
    Right now i have been given with CSD canteen facilities from IAF through Army canteen.
    From ihave been assured PAY PROTECTION as per last pay drawn, but they r in dilemma that what salary components of IAF salary to be taken for fixation of pay in LIC.
    Apart from this what are the benefits i am entitled/can seek from Indian Air Force as an ex servicemen.
    Please guide me.
    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    Ex SGT G. Raja sekhar

  19. i got retired from iaf in nov11 still my ppo is not issued there is observation in p5 form board in progress please help to fasten the case

  20. My father Ex Nb Sub Mr Narendra Vir Singh died on 22nd june2012. I started pension procedure on 24th July in Agra Soldier Board. The behavior and working condition is dead slow. They have not doen any thing regarding the matter yet they seems working hard but in my opinion no work is done yet. I live in the UK and my mother is more than 80 years old so I dont think she can manage to go there as she is weak and feeble. How do Ministry of Defence would look after the widows of ex serviceman.

  21. Sir, I am Ex-Sgt Chandra K, transferred to pension est wef 30 Jun 1994 (A/N). I have taken defence loan in Dec 2012 and monthly cutting is on from Jan 2012. Now another cutting started from May 2012 for Rs. 2792/-pm saying that my name has been transferred to PRAN (Permanent retirement acct No.) under NPS system whereas I have not applied for. Thus I am facing lot of financial stress at present. Further my humble request is to kindly discontinue my cutting under NPS till my loan is refunded.


  22. Sir, I am Ex-Sgt Chandra K served in IAF from 2 jun 1979 to 30 Jun 1994. Presently my refund is on since Jan 2012 for defence loan. Again another cutting started from May 2012 under NPS and Amt is being transferred to NAV tier I. I have not applied for NPS and PRAN. I am facing lot of financial stress since there is no other source of income. I request your kind honour to kindly discontinue cutting under NPS so that I can manage my day to day expenditure. Thanks.

  23. Dear sir,

    I, 738457 ex sgt suresh kumar crypto retired from service on 30 Nov 2011. I got MACP wef 01 Dec 2010 but PPO not received as per MACP more than 8 month past. before 3 month I spoken in qurey cell they answered me PPO is ready will get soon. Till now i havenot received any thing why delay. Please give answer. My mail ID sureshpys@gmail.com Mob No. 9969543668

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