District Administration, Mysore honoured eight ‘Veer Naaris’ (war widows) for the first time in the Mysore City as a part of Republic Day Celebration at Chamundivihar Stadium on 26.01.2010. Among those who are honoured, five are ‘war widows’ and three are mothers of unmarried Army soldiers who laid down their life valiantly fighting the terrorist and Anti-Social Elements to protect the country.

This significant proposal to honour the Veer Naaris during Republic Day celebration was mooted by Military Veteran, MN Subramani, President of Mysore city based VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust during a meeting of National Festivities Celebration Committee, Mysore District of which Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate of Mysore District is the Chairman.

Military Veteran MN Subramani was appointed as the Chairman of the Sub-Committee formed to identifying the Veer Naaris and assisting the District Administration. Eight Veer Naaris were honoured in the manner befitting the Republic Day Celebration’s traditions & customs which is followed in our national capital New Delhi.

The following Veer Naaris were honoured by Honourable Minister for Transport, Karnataka Sri R. Ashok. In a unprecedented noble gesture, the Transport Minister also announced free bus passes for the dependent family members of all Armed Forces martyrs who hail & belong to Karnataka State.

1.         Mrs. (Dr.) Dakshayani (Permanent resident of Vijayanagar II Stage, Mysore)

wife of Late Lt Col NS Yogesh, Sena Medal (Gallantry), 6 Rashtriya Rifles

Extract of citation:

On 11 May 1996 Lieutenant Colonel Nonavinakere Siddalingapa Yogesh, Bihar, 6 Rashtriya Rifles targeted two dreaded and elusive Anti National Elements in an operation in Village Khulur, District Anantnag in Jammu & Kahmir. At 1100 hours on receipt of specific information about presence of two Anti National Elements he immediately led his column and cordoned the village.

When the suspected house was being cordoned, the two Anti National Elements rushed out firing indiscriminately. Lieutenant Colonel Nonavinakere Siddalingappa Yogesh sustained a Gun Shot Wound in the abdomen. Inspite of the injury the officer engaged the militants with fire and killed one. Disregarding the bleeding injury he followed the second militant personally. In the ensuing fire fight the militant was injured and Lieutenant Colonel Nonavinakere Siddalingappa Yogesh received Gun Shot Wound and succumbed to the injuries on 11 May 96.

The quick comprehension of the situation, speedy execution of necessary actions and the exemplary bravery of the officer led to the recovery of one Rifle with magazine, fifteen rounds and killing of one militant.

For displaying highest standards of leadership, conspicuous gallantry, professionalism under testing conditions Lieutenant Colonel Nonavinakere Siddalingapa Yogesh is recommended for the award of ‘Sena Medal’ (Gallantry) posthumously.

2.         Mrs. Nirupa Madappa (Permanent resident of Rama Krisna Nagar, Mysore)

wife of late Major Ganesh Madappa,

36 Rashtriya Rifles (Shaurya Chakra, Posthumous)

Major Ganesh Madappa was tasked to carry out a raid on a suspected militants’ hideout at Bachchru village in Badgam District of Jammu and Kashmir on 27 September 1995, While he and his team were approaching the hideout, militants opened indiscriminate fire from a house. Major Ganesh Madappa immediately had the house cordoned off and he himself rushed forward to block the exit. Surprised by this quick reaction, the militants rushed out firing desperately. Major Ganesh Madappa boldly engaged the militants at a close range. In this face to face fight, he suffered multiple gunshot injuries. Yet, he charged at the militants killing one of them before collapsing. He later succumbed to his injuries.

Major Ganesh Madappa displayed conspicuous gallantry, indomitable courage and outstanding devotion to duty at the cost of his own life.

3. Mrs. Salma Shafeeq,

wife of Late Major Shafeeq Mahmood Khan Ghori

Maj Sahafeeq Mohmood Khan Ghori (Arty) attained martyrdom on 01 July 2001 while gallantly fighting terrorist in Boban Watsar Forests. Sahafeeq Mohmood Khan Ghori was a stalwart of the bettalian who had many achievements to his credit. He was awarded Chief of the Army Staffs Commendation for his meritorious service. He was alumni of Maharaja’s Pre-University College, Mysore and was a resident of Saraswathipuram, Mysore. He had a brief stint in the Indian Air Force as a Air Warrior before his commissioning in the Indian Army.

4. Smt. Yallammal,

Mother of Late Sepoy S Vasu

Sepoy S Vasu attained martyrdom on 01 July 1990 while fighting terrorists valiantly at Jammu & Kashmir during Operation Rakshak. Sep Vasu studied in Bifurcated Maharaja’s PU College, Nazarbad, Mysore.

5.         Smt. Lakshmi,

Mother of Late Sepoy Hema Chandu

Sepoy Hema Chandu attained martyrdom on 26 August 2001 while valiantly fighting terrorists at Surankot in Poonch District of Jammu & Kashmir during Operation Rakshak. Sep Hema Chandu studied in Bifurcated Maharaja’s PU College, Nazarbad, Mysore.

6.         Mrs. Sarala,

Wife of Late Naik Kiran Kumar BN

Naik Kiran Kumar BN attained martyrdom on 09 January 2008 while on duty at Jammu & Kashmir during Operation Rakshak.

7.         Smt. Saroja,

Mother of Late Sepoy Prashanth AP

Sepoy Prashanth AP attained martyrdom on 31 December 2003 valiantly fighting terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir during Operation Rakshak-II.

8.         Smt. Jyothi Bai,

Wife of Late Sepoy Sakriya Naika

Sepoy Sakriya Naika attained martyrdom on 13 May 2003 valiantly fighting terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir during Operation Rakshak.

Print and electronic media covered the news of ‘Honouring Veer Naaris’ by the District Administration extensively. Scanned copies of newspapers are put in the Gallery below;

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The case of Mrs.Sarala is truely a heart-rending one. For more pls visit: The Hindu – http://www.hinduonnet.com/2010/02/20/stories/2010022059670300.htm

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