Pension woes solved in 48 hours

M N Subramani

By Bangalore Mirror

If you are among the lot facing problems with your pension despite years of service in the armed forces, you could try seeking help from M N Subramani. The Mysore-based retired senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO) of the Indian Air Force (IAF) solves such cases within 48 hours. He has solved over 25 cases in the last two years. The list of beneficiaries includes retired soldiers and widows of military veterans.

M N Subramani
M N Subramani

The amounts range from thousands to lakhs. Subramani, a law graduate, solves pension cases free of cost. Over time, he has become famous as the ex-servicemen’s fast court.One of the beneficiaries is his former commanding officer, retired air commodore S K Parelkar VSM. His pension and arrears had been withheld for three years. Subramani not only got it cleared in 2009, but also got him a revision that had been pending for over two years. Parelkar says, “Not knowing the procedure, I wasted my time and effort in trying to get various authorities to do the needful. His help came at the right time.”

Another beneficiary is group captain (retd) Deryck Fernandes who got his dues of over Rs five lakh, which had been pending for five years. He says, “He took two days to work out what I should have been paid and then compared these amounts with what I had actually been paid. The results were quite astounding, almost beyond belief. I was being paid almost Rs 10,000 less per month for the last five-and-a-half years. I got my dues within 24 hours.”

Subramani solves most of the cases through e-mail. He attributes the discrepancies to the negligence of banks, who disburse the pension. Irrespective of rank, ex-servicemen suffer due to shortcomings of the system. “Understanding rules and policies that change frequently, and a common sense approach help me to help the distressed,” says Subramani.

Veteran gets help
On Wednesday, Subramani added yet another feather to his cap by solving the problem of 90-year-old World War II veteran, subedar J S Anand Das. Tamil Nadu-based Das’s dues had been withheld since 2006. Subramani not only got it released but also ensured the amount went up by Rs 3,650 per month.

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Letter  form Air Commodore (Retd.) S K Parelkar VSM

Dear Subramani,

I must start with thanking you for your prompt help in getting my pension arrears as well as getting my pension amount corrected so fast. Not knowing the procedure I was wasting my time and effort in trying to get the DCDA, Air Force to do the needful. Your help came at the right time.

I am glad that my assessment of you when we were colleagues at the No. 2 Air Force Selection Board was absolutely correct. I always knew you to be a very efficient person. I was also aware of your good professional knowledge. More than any other thing I always found to be hard working keen to learn. Hence I never had any hesitation in loading you with additional responsibilities, one of which was as the Canteen Manager. During the period that you were the Manager the Canteen flourished and the sales shot up so did the profits. At no time did you recommend any unauthorized action or procedure. I always found you to be innovative and practical and scrupulously honest. Your concern for the deprived was always admired by me. Unfortunately because of service protocol I could not give you as much freedom as I desired. However you did an excellent job of whatever was entrusted to you.

It did not surprise me when you told me that you are the President of an Ex-Servicemen Trust and are doing an excellent job of taking care of them. You have also named the Trust very aptly “VeKare”. I was impressed by the work you are doing and am sure you will continue to do so in future. I am sure you will look after the interest of the Ex-Servicemen as well as be a well wisher of the three services.

Your desire to contact me and the effort to obtain my address and telephone number itself shows the respect you have for me. It was a pleasure talking to you after almost 20 years. Your immediate reaction to my problem of pension and the prompt action and the follow up with various agencies and the handling of the State Bank of India (C P P C) was amazing and displayed you professionalism,   knowledge and above all you caring nature.

I wish to place on record my heartfelt thanks and wish that you continue to do the good work. May God give you good health, happiness and long life so that you can continue the good work. I also wish you family health and happiness. I wish all of you the very best in life. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR.

With regards

Air Commodore (Retd.) S K Parelkar VSM

Photographs taken during the inauguration of VeKare Exserivemen Trust Office by Air Commodore (Retd) Parelkar on 15th August 1990.

002 Air Cmde (Retd) SK Parelka, VSM 001 (Small)Air Cmde (Retd) SK Parelkar VSM10 (Small)007 Air Cmde Appachu, Air Cmde SK Parelkar & WW-II Veteran Late Maj NT Koneri Gowda 007 (Small)005 (Small)Group Photo MNS (Small)

Click here for the Letter from Group Captain (retd.) D.G.Fernandes


  1. Excellent job done for the welfare of ex-servicemen and war veterans of this great country. If you require any assistance from me, I am always there to help for the benefit of veterans.


  2. My name is BHAGWAN LAXMAN KADAM I am a ARMY pensioner and drawing pension from bank of Maharashtra.
    This is to complain about the ONE RANK ONE PENSION ARREARS which is already paid to all other pensioners is not been paid to me so far. When self enquired to the concerned Branch of BOM, it was informed to me that they have not received the same from the Local Head Office, PUNE.


    DATE OF JOINING 01/12/65

    DATE OF RETIREMENT : 01/01/81


  3. Sir, I am an exserviceman retired from Indian Navy in 2004 as a Petty Officer. My basic pension at the time of retirement was Rs.1690/- without D.P., and presently i am getting the basic pension of Rs.4290/-. I have gone throgh the relevent circulars for the fixation of pension as per 6cpc and found that my pension is quite less. My friends who retired in the same rank and servedin the same dept. are getting more pension. My i request u to kindly calculate my preset basic pension. I have written many letters to my PDA (SBI, HATIA, RANCHI) in this regardbut havwe not received any response in from them. kindly help me. thanks. manoj kumar pradhan, EXPO(MET), No.171891-N. TKS.

  4. Sir
    Mere ppo no S/062347/2008(ARMY) hai. pension bahut hi kam mil raha hai. Rs 7868/-pm milta. pl iska smadhan karne ka kripa pradan kiya jay.
    Ex Nb Sub Vijay Mandal
    Pension Wef 01 Apr 2009.

  5. Sir
    Hum pension kam milne ke vajah se bahut paressan hain.Mera PPO NO – S/062347/2008(ARMY) JC-559939W BIHAR REGT ka hun. Pl sir penion ka problem solve kiya jay.Mujhe bahut aasa hai ki mera Solve 48 Hrs ke andar ho jayaga.
    Ex JCO Nb Sub Vijay Mandal
    JC-559939W Pension
    Wef 01 Apr 2009 Thanks Sir

  6. Sir
    Hamara Teen Bachha hai sir reading ke liye kaphi kam pension se dikat ho raha hai . pension kam milne ke vajah se bahut paressan hain.Mera PPO NO – S/017778/2003(ARMY) 4266280F Naik Shiv Narayan Kumar 3 BIHAR REGT ka hun. Pl sir penion ka problem solve kiya jay.Mujhe bahut aasa hai ki mera Solve 48 Hrs ke andar ho jayaga.
    Naik Shiv Narayan Kumar
    4266280F Pension
    Wef 01 Apr 2003 Thanks Sir

  7. Sir

    pension kam milne ke vajah se bahut paressan hain.Mera PPO NO – S/062347/2008(ARMY) JC-559939W Naib Subedar Vijay Mandal 3 BIHAR REGT ka hun. Pl sir penion ka problem solve kiya jay.Mujhe bahut aasa hai ki mera Solve 48 Hrs ke andar ho jayaga.
    JC-559939W Naib Subedar ex
    Vijay Mandal
    Pension Wef 01 Apr 2003 Thanks Sir

  8. Hello dear sree Respected sir My name sangabhaiLakhabhai paredi (Ex Nk R/O AMC Lucknow I am retire in 1996,01,07, my pension was commuted up to June,31,2011 After this date my Right full pension but no regular pension my Amount Rs 606/- per month deduction I requested to you please now stop deduction my Amount Rs 606/-per month from my basic pension Thanking you

    your faithfully
    Sangabha Lakhabhai Paredi ex Nk

  9. Sir,
    My husband late R. Manogaran expired on 18 feb 1912. He was retired as hon. cap.on 28 feb 1978. His enrolledment date is 12 Sep 1945. His sevice no is JC 21102.
    The pension money is not credited on my name bank account A/c No : 6021258986,Indian Bank,Walajabad, Kanceepuram Dist, Tamil Nadu
    Sir, kindly take action against this matter.
    Thank You,

  10. Dear Sir,
    I am an ex sergeant took discharge on 30/09/1994 after completing 15 years of service in the IAF from Airframe ?Fitter trade.At the time of my discharge my basic was Rs.564/-.Now I am getting a pension of Rs.6765/- approximately.Kindly tell me what amount of pension am I suppose to get now.Kindly mail the details to my email address.Kindly let me know any other details you want.

  11. Sir,
    I have retired on 31 May 2012 due to bitter experience in IAF, after 26 yeras of service. I was on deputation to IAC I congo DRC from 27 Sep to 16 Sep 06. My rank was due on 01 Dec 2005 and I got on 17 Sep 2006 after repritation as per my undertaking. 6th pay commission benefits as per Gazette of India and SAFI 1S/08 dated 18 Oct 08 was not given to me which is resultant my payment loss and also pension loss through out my life. I have given so many application regarding this but no use. Though officer are on deputation has got fixation as per promotion date but for airman it has not been done. Now my PPO has been held up to JCDA reason is initial case taken up. Though I have given application after pay commision, and 04 may 10 I have opted change of option in this reason only. Kindly help me to get Justice.

    Thanking you

    Ex JWO Akbar Ali

  12. sir,
    my father p pannerselvam worked in Indian air force he died in 2002 and my mother got his family pension and she also died in 2008, i got the pension last year with delay for 1 and half year, i m elder son of my father, now i completed 25 year so, my brother ananda babu eligible for the family pension, we both are studying (my self animation and my brother going to join for engineering) now we struggling with financial problem. we need support to get the pension for my brother. kindly help us, with hopefully
    thanking you,
    senthil kumar

  13. Dear Sir,
    I am an ex serviceman of IAF with valid discharge. I am 71 years old.I have completed 18 years of my service in IAF and therafter joined State Bank of Indore on 1982. I completed 18 years and 8 months of service in bank after which i opted for Voluntary retirement under VRS 2001. Now my bank is refusing to pay me the pension under the pretext that I have not completed 20 years of service. Also they are not paying me the CPF citing the reason that it has been depostied in my pension fund.
    will I get the benefit of Active service in commutation of my pension as also i have completed more than 33 years in PF contribution..
    SR Deosthali

  14. sir

    my father was death on 2nd,jun 2012,
    we are suffering major problem due to money ,

    my mother pension was not started now.due to ppo not found

    from 2002 several reminder by my father Allahabad record office.

    but till date we not received a copy of ppo for family pension

    what can i do for this matter .
    every pension demand ppo for pension , for veer nari identity card

    we are not received a family pension , medical benefit etc.

    please help me,




  15. Sir,

    I 629983T Ex Sergeant Rad Fit after completion of 20 years DOD 28 Feb 2005. I could not get payment for one month 30 days leave encashed in 1985 due to clerical mistake in time bar sanctioned auth as mentioned in POR. It is already 7 years since then I am requesting frequently, calling AFRO and writing my retirement.

    Please look into the matter for an early settlement of long pending issue.

    Bhagwan Das
    629983 T Rad Fit
    cont. 09719440221

  16. Dear Sir

    I am writing on behalf of pritam kaur wife of late Maj Naib Singh Sidhu IC25671 who retd. on 26th jan 1995. They were getting pension . Her husband died on 16th may 2009 and since then she hasn’t got any pension. She have been going in circles as she have been going to District saink welfare officer Moga, punjab. They keep sending letters to HQ of MOD New Delhi. Their response is we have forwarded the letters to PCDA Allahabad. She is really struggling as in the past three years She lost her husband then her mother and then her only son. I wish somebody could help and sort things for her.

    If you need any more info please email me

    I will really appreciate if you could help. May god bless you.


    Jasbir Grewal

  17. respected sir
    I am ex-servicemen of indian air force
    and i lost my pension book .can i get second copy of that and how i can get kindly guide me.
    my name satish kumar sharma 624476-R
    rank .ex-cpl
    date of discharge-31 oct 1994

    with regard
    satish kumar sharma

  18. Sir,I am EX-CPL OF IAF RETIRED on 1st apr2011 after 20yrs of service.My basic pay in pay band was 10180+GP(2400)+MSP(2000)+CLASSIFICATION PAY(300).I have got 50% of commutation amount approx(406000) and Gratuity amount nearly(221000).My pension was fixed at Rs 7440 after 50% commutation. Sir, I am in doubt that, I,have got less commutation as well as gratuity amount which is nearly approximately around 2,00,000.Sir I want to know my actual entitilments. thanks for your kind cooperation.

  19. sir my mother supyar kanwar w/o late JC-7227 sub maj (hony lt) kan singh (ppo No F/NA/3146/90) his date of birth is 14/09/1932 (as per ECHS card) has been complated 80 yrs of age. sir my mother wants knows about any spl benefit.

  20. Dear Sir,
    I am an ex-serviceman ,my service no is 699545-G rank sgt, I would like to know that if I had opted no commutation after 6th pay commission wether i can get the same now?
    Commutation policy at the time of signing letter was different and I was told that there will be interest @10.5% on commutation amount. I opted no further commutation. but now I find the different. I will be grateful to the pension and welfare wing if i get my commutation amount.

    This amount will help me a lot please advice me how can i get my commutation amount now.

    Thanking you
    Mahipal sah
    699545-G sgt
    DOD 31 march 2007.

  21. Dear Sir,

    Kindly advice me how can I take commutation amount now as per present rule?

    Mahipal sah
    DOD 31 March 2007.

  22. I changed my pension from DPDO to SBI and at that time DPDO took my copy of pension book.Now i do not have a copy but i have photostat copies.How to get a new pension book.Thank you. kindly advise.

  23. Sir I am a son of Ex-Sgt Shyam singh bhati bearing service no 615971-T trade wpn/fit. Sir I am in need of a copy of ppo. Pleaseguide me to get the same. Thanks
    Mobile no 9341857403

  24. Sir
    I submitted my problem about PDA not giving eligible scale of pension as per OROP list 7 about a week back.
    Is there any outcome on it. pl intimate

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