Letter to CM – Demand of Ex-servicemen to exempt entry fees to visit General Thimmaiah Memorial & Museum



1937 born army veteran 1152265 Nk Manira T Nachappa from 37 Coorg Medium Regiment who claims to have fought 1965 Indo-China war and 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars claims that it is an insult to war veterans and Ex-servicemen fraternity, if ”Entry Fee’ of Rs 20/ charged to serving and reired Armed forces and Paramilitary forces personnel by Dept of Kannada and Culture, Govt of Karnataka for visiting GENERAL THIMMAIAH MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM at Madikei, Kodagu (Coorg) District, Karnataka.
14th April 2022
17:00 PM..

MN Subramani
Air Veteran & Advocate
VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust
#645, VKET Chambers
KR Mohalla
Mobile : 9900101047
Email: infowicket@gmail.com
Website: www.exservicemen.in

Hon’ble Chief Minister
Govt of Karnataka

Respected sir.

The grand old Ex-Serviceman in the front row with a walking stick in the accompanying photograph is a 85 year old Army Veteran served and faught three major wars during his army service between 26th Nov 1957 and 01st Dec 1977 under 37 Coorg Medium Regiment.

This war veteran of three major wars during Annual General Body Meeting of T. SHETTIGERI EX-SERVICEMEN WELFARE ASSOCIATION, Kodgu (Coorg) Dist Karnataka held on 10th APRIL 2022 requseted me to take up the subject of Exempting Entry fee for serving and retired Armed Forces and Paramilitary forces personnel who wish to visit GENERAL THIMMAYA MEMORIAL MUSIUM With you and with other appropriate authorities.

I assured the President of the the office bearers and members who were present in the AGM while I was addressing them that I would take up the issue with Chief Minister, and Dept of Kannada & Culture and with Director, Dept of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement and with other appropriate ministery under Govt of Karnataka for exemption of Entry Fee as a matter of principle, for visiting *General Thimmaya Memorial and Musium at Madikeri, Kodagu (Coorg) District for Serving and retired Armed forces and Paramilitary personnel such as BSF / CRPF personnel and their dependent wife, Children dependent parents on production of Serving Personnels’ Armed Forces / Paramilitary personnel’s Identity Card / Ex-servicemen Identity Card issued by their respective Competent authorities and respective State’s Dept of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement.

As declared in the above said AGM I humbly request you sir in the capacity as President of VeKare Ex-servicemen trust, Mysore to impress upon the concened authorities to exempt the above said category from paying Entry Fee of Rs 20/- since none of the office bearers of any Forum floated by the retired Army officers in Kodagu or Ex-Sevicemen Association based at Kodagu (Coorg) never ever thought of getting this concept of getting the entry fee exempted for Seving Armed Forces personnel and Ex-servicemen and their dependents thus far. However, It has to be a a low ranking army veteran who is a war veteran an faught three majorvwars has to ignite the issue in the interest of his brothers in uniform and Ex-servicemen brethren and their dependent families even though he himself may not be able to walk a few meters without any pain.

I am requesting you sir to exempt Entry Fee not because of that neglible cost of entry fee Rs 20/ per person which every serving and retired Armed Forces personnel / Paramilitary personnel cannot offord to pay, but because as a matter of principle for honouring the services rendered by the Armed Forces personel sacrificing their youth under odd conditions in protecting the intergrity and sovereignty of the country against external aggression and internal disturbances to make the citizens of our great country live their life in peace perpetually.

I request the recipients of this message forward this message along with the photos taken during the AGM to all the Ex-servicemen WhatsApp Groups in Kodagu Dist and entire Karnataka state to all the serving and retired Senior armed forces officers whom thevrecients know for their information.

This message is also addressed to Director, Dept of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement, Govt of Karnataka requesting him impress upon Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka to pass necessary orders to exempt the said entry fee for serving and reired armed forces personnel and their dependent family members.

This message will also be sent through email in due course.

Jai Hind, Jai Karnataks

Best Regards
Your faithfully.

MN Subramani
Air Veteran / Advocate
VeKare Ex-Servicemen Trust Mysore.

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