Suggestions To Reconstruct 80 Ft. Road In Vijayanagar 3rd Stage Scientifically

Residents submit memorandum to Chamundeshwari MLA and MUDA Commissioner

The Vijayanagar 3rd Stage Residents Welfare Association President Ravikumar has submitted a memorandum to Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) Commissioner G.T. Dinesh Kumar with regard to the widening and reconstruction works of 80 feet Road running between B and C Block in Vijayanagar 3rd Stage taken up by MUDA.

As this locality comes under Chamundeshwari Constituency, a copy of the memorandum has also be submitted to MLA G.T. Devegowda (GTD).

The memorandum said that even after over 20 years since allotment of housing plots / sites in Vijayanagar 3rd Stage, there are 41 vacant plots measuring 50 x 80 feet in C Block and 11 plots measuring 40 feet x 60 feet in B Block just adjacent to the said 80 feet road which is under reconstruction spending crores of rupees belonging to the tax-paying citizens.

Expressing concern, Association President Ravikumar said “All the owners of those 52 vacant plots would build their houses or commercial complexes one by one at different intervals. While taking up construction, they will certainly cut the road from one end to other for laying pipes (underground drainage, electrical cable and water connection) damaging the road. Such road cutting develops numerous potholes and unimaginable damage to the road  perpetually.”

Representatives of Vijayanagar 3rd Stage Residents’ Welfare Association in Mysuru meeting former Minister and Chamundeshwari Assembly constituency MLA G.T. Deve Gowda on Monday.

In order to avoid road cutting after the reconstruction by the owners of 52 vacant sites all along the 80 feet road while building houses, the permanent residents of Vijayanagar 3rd Stage have given the following suggestions to MUDA:

1. MUDA itself must cut the road at suitable place in front of all the vacant sites.

2. Lay required quality earthen pipes / PVC pipes underground providing link to UGD connection, electrical cable and water pipelines before asphalting  the road.

3. Subsequently, collect the cost of road cutting charges / material and labour charges from vacant site owners immediately or at the time of obtaining approval of the building plan for construction of houses with interest of 7.5% from site owners, if there is unreasonable delay of more than six months.

If these suggestions are implemented, the reconstructed road would remain intact for more than a decade thereby saving the tax-payers’ money for other necessary works.

This step would also set a precedent for other MUDA layouts across the city. The residents would not only appreciate MUDA’s initiative but also our city would get a facelift with undamaged roads within the city if MUDA adopts these suggestions in all other Layouts in Mysuru.

Speaking to SOM, Mandetira N. Subramani, Hon. Legal Advisor of the Association, who is also a retired Senior Non- Commissioned Officer of Indian Air Force and President of VeKare Ex-servicemen Trust,

said that MLA G.T. Devegowda has assured Association President Ravikumar that he would impress upon the MUDA Commissioner and other authorities concerned to implement this well-thought suggestions.

Landmark Jodi Bevina Mara

The Association has also requested the residents to plant a neem sapling in place of the huge neem trees which were cut to widen the road making the landmark Jodi Bevina Mara as Onti Bevina Mara now.

Ravikumar opined that the landmark Jodi Bevina Mara in Vijayanagar 3rd Stage should be referred to in future also and hence the need to plant neem saplings on the stretch.

Courtesy: Star of Mysore

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