This site has been conceived primarily to serve the general ex-servicemen, however, its avowed objective is multifold.  One of the objectives is to disseminate news concerning ex-servicemen and the facilities & benefits extended by Central Govt. / State Govt. & Armed Forces authorities,  and to project the grievances / causes / varieties of problems of ex-servicemen and their widows confront, to the appropriate authorities in the Armed Forces, and other competent authorities for intervention so as to resolve the issues.

Inter alia, this website and Vekare Ex-Servicemen Trust would also aim at exposing the retrograde & anomalous policies concerning welfare of ex-servicemen / widows of ex-servicemen, formulated without any foresight, contrary to the principles of natural justice by the policy makers, in order to debate on such policies on public platform to get such policies rectified in the greater interest of the Ex-Servicemen fraternity.

In this website, a Contact Form is also provided to facilitate ex-servicemen & widows of ex-servicemen to give their valuable suggestions, to project their problems / air their grievances. Military Veterans could also send their articles / memories of their life in the Armed Forces which are of interest to ex-servicemen. A comment section is also provided to comment on the articles /  news items which appear in the website.

This website is managed and edited by Air Veteran M.N.Subramani, M.Com, LLB, President – VeKare Ex-servicemen Trust (VKET), Mysore, for the benefit and information of ex-servicemen fraternity.

This website is dedicated in memory of

Late 123635 L/Nk Mandetira Achayya Nanayya, World War II Veteran  of IEME


  1. Nice to know about VKET and it’s efforts to help Defence Veterans.
    Having served EME for over two decades, am glad to realise that the portal is managed by someone who is son of a WW II veteran Late Nanayya of IEME.
    Best wishes to Veteran Subramani.
    Warm Regards
    tvp rao

  2. Sir, I have written letter to my zsb, chaibasa for dependency certificate of my new born daughter on 17 May 2019 for onward submission to record office. 4 months already passed but I didn’t get any certificate from my record office yet. Zsb chaibasa also not taking any interest to solve this problem. I am unable to show my daughter in Echs poly clinic in emergency treatment without Echs card. So please solve my problemproblem or give any suggestion for further action.

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